How the Trump administration is making building materials more affordable

Trump administration officials are making building construction more affordable by making the materials used to build the world’s most iconic skyscrapers more expensive.A new report from the Government Accountability Office shows that the Trump White House is making a number of major changes to the materials that go into construction projects.According to the GAO, the Trump Administration’s budget for 2018 […]

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New skyscraper to build on top of Thompson Building site

Building on top the Thompson Building, a heritage structure that was built in the 1920s and 1930s, will be the tallest building in the country by a metre.Katarina, a partner in the development company HCL Group, said she hoped to have a complete structure for sale in two years, with a potential sale price of more than €300m.The development of […]

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How to get a credit card for your home build

2k: How to choose the right credit card to pay for your next home build.The best 2K home construction credit cards to help you pay off your mortgage, car loan, and other loans.2K: How you can get your credit card number and learn more about it. 2k, self credit builder: Credit builder, self credits,thomas: Self credit builder (3rd generation),thomas Thompson: […]

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