What you need to know about Terraria Build a shed

This week on Independent we’ll be covering Terraria builds in all their glory.We’re hoping to give you all a chance to try out the game’s new terraria-inspired buildings and add your own ideas.To get the full story, subscribe to Independent’s weekly newsletter.This week’s build: The Garden of Eden – The Garden has a long history of having a lot of […]

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Terraria builds word builder, metal building homes

Build your own word, word builder or metal building home!Terraria, a turn-based strategy game that combines roguelike elements with real-time strategy, has released its first expansion, called Terraria Builders, which will include more content and features.The Terraria developers announced the expansion on its official Twitter account.The first expansion includes:New buildings, new enemies, new weapons, more items and more.It’s a brand […]

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