What do you need to know about the Pantheon Building in DC?

Capital One Building in Washington, DC is now officially a computer builder.It has been designed by Computer Builder, and it’s the tallest building in the country with a total of 18 stories.The building is a symbol of Washington DC’s history and the power of the internet.The building is currently being built in the form of a giant computer.It’s expected to […]

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Why you shouldn’t trust the computer-maker’s computer-builder predictions

You’re reading this article because you’ve been convinced by the computer makers’ computer-building predictions about the future of the computer industry.But you might be surprised to learn that computer-builders are wrong.“You can’t predict the future with computers,” said Craig Mundell, chief operating officer of computer-manufacturing giant Hewlett-Packard.“You need a computer to build the computers.”“We’re predicting the future for the last […]

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