How my city became a microcosm of Trump’s America

Washington, DC — A city of hundreds of thousands of people, a symbol of diversity and progressivism, and the home of the United States Olympic Committee, has been in the news recently.The most recent development, though, is a micro-cosm for what’s been happening in the nation’s capital and across the country, and how it fits into President Donald Trump’s worldview.For […]

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Buildings in Nasus build

Building a home in a neighborhood is often an investment that will pay off for the buyer, as well as for the builder, in the long run.But what if the home’s construction costs are much higher than the buyer expected?This is what we call a “build to price” situation.That is, the house’s construction cost is significantly higher than what the […]

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How to Build a Ninja Building Supply Box

It’s time to get serious about building your own ninja building supply box.You know, like this one in the film The Last Samurai.The Ninja Builds are the only building supplies in the game that you can buy.They’re also one of the few items you can purchase with real money.And, unlike in the movie, the Ninja Build supplies are available for […]

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