Lego building games: Building a sign

Building games has become a staple in children’s play, with a growing number of games aimed at the same end.But these new Lego-building games may not be as fun as they sound.Some are designed to be fun for kids who don’t have the patience to learn all the rules.The games include Legos that use Lego blocks to construct structures, a […]

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Build a shed: PC builder builds a shed from spare parts

A build-a-house project in Japan involves buying spare parts, assembling a building from them, and then selling the finished product at a price that is cheaper than if it were a full-fledged home.It’s not a new concept; there have been a number of successful crowdfunding projects that have been built with spare parts.But the build-your-own-sheds-for-home project, in Japan, has captured […]

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