Why You Should Be Watching Garen Build a Podcast

“Garen” (pronounced “goah”) is a German-American writer who recently left NPR to start his own podcast, the Garencast.His latest podcast, Garen’s War, features interviews with some of the most notable names in the field of combat journalism.In this week’s episode, Garena, Gaijin and Soraka discuss how Garen got started in podcasting, his plans for Garen.They also talk about Garen and […]

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Building a more humane, compassionate world is more important than ever

More than half the world’s population lives in cities, with cities accounting for nearly 40% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.The International Food Policy Research Institute, an international research organisation, has released a report which shows that the impact of urbanisation is even more profound than previously thought.The report, The Urban Crisis, says that cities are a global force that […]

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The best free mobile apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

The free app store has been getting a lot of attention lately with Apple announcing the iPhone XS Max, and Android OEMs like OnePlus and Xiaomi releasing their own devices.Now the apps industry is gearing up for the launch of Windows 10, and with Microsoft making its first hardware purchase of a device, it’s also making some big hardware changes.Here’s […]

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