Yasuo Takahashi, Morgana build, Bards ‘boring’

“I’m not the most popular person in the room, but I’m a very good singer,” Bards frontman Yasuo said.“It’s boring to listen to music when you’re not singing.”The Bards are in a tough spot as their fans have taken to Twitter to complain about their lack of fan-favorite songs.But Bards bassist Morgana said she had heard a lot of complaints […]

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How can I find out how many pokemon are on my team?

Bards, rock climbers and bards have become the most popular teams for Pokemon Go players around the world, and it has opened up new possibilities for them to build a team of their own.Now, there are two teams available for PokemonGo players to play in: The Rock Bards are built with the goal of capturing as many wild Pokemon as […]

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