A Nunu family that includes her younger brother, Nung, and two other siblings is growing food in a tiny cabin in the bush near the tiny community of Mabo, just west of Nairobi.

They all live with their parents in the family’s backyard.

But there is one thing that has stayed the same, their mother says: she works in the local port and does her best to earn a living.

“Nunu has the energy to work, but she’s not really earning much money,” said her father, Ngawi Nung.

He’s been working on the boat for two years and hopes to eventually retire as a fisherman.

“She has a lot of energy, she’s always smiling, she loves to travel,” said his wife, Ngapisa Ngakule, a retired teacher who has been on the Mabo fishing boat for the past two years.

“And she doesn’t have any other plans, she hasn’t thought about it at all.

She just wants to work.”

She’s only been on this boat for about a month and is currently out to sea.

“We have to go somewhere, so we’re in a bit of a rush,” Ngapisana said.

“Sometimes I feel a bit sad.

But I’m not so sad that I can’t work.”

Her brother, Nunu, has been working in the port since he was 5 years old and is working in a local fish market.

He started a business selling vegetables in the same market, which is run by the Ngaksaberi family, in March, Ngakules said.

He has been in the market since his early teens and said it was the best time of his life.

But it’s not easy work, Ngaksabi said.

There are no refrigerators and they have to be in good condition.

And it’s difficult to keep up with demand, he said.

It’s also very cold, and he has been having to stay at home with the kids.

“He’s so lonely, he can’t see anyone.

He spends a lot time alone and lonely.

He is a very lonely child,” Ngakabi said of his brother.

But he’s trying to help his brother, who’s also a fisherman, out by providing him with some of the vegetables he’s been collecting, Ngapsabi said, adding that it’s only his second time selling vegetables.

“I have never sold vegetables before in my life,” Ngaksi said.

His brother is still busy working, though, working with a company that is developing a small irrigation system for the village, Ngaka said.

But Nung Nung is doing his best to get back to work.

“As a father, I always want to work,” he said, his voice softening slightly.

“But I don’t have the money to buy food, so I’m working from home.”

His father said his son, who works at a port, has always been in trouble with the police, and they’ve even called the police twice before.

“This time, we have to deal with him because he’s so stubborn,” Ngokasabi said with a smile.

“Maybe I’m wrong, but we just can’t afford to lose our daughter.”

He said he’s never been in a position where he needed to leave his family behind.

“No, he doesn’t think of that,” Ngkawi said with another smile.

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