Builders of the Sions 3D watch have unveiled the device, dubbed the SION 3D+, which will be available in July.

The watch is a combination of an Android Wear-style smartphone, which the company claims will “bring the smartphone experience to the smart watch,” and a smart watch-like phone that is connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

Sion said the device is able to track and send alerts and data to the smartphone, allowing the smartphone to act as an app, a virtual assistant, and a companion to the watch.

It also said the phone will support 3D audio, which is capable of making “enhanced sound effects like footsteps and other sounds that would not be possible with an audio device.”

The company’s website said the watch will be “accessible via your smartphone’s built-in camera.”

Sion’s website describes the device as an “app-based smart watch.”

Its website says the SIONS 3D+ will have an “improved design and hardware” that is more like the original Sion watch, but with an “enhancement of the design of the original watch.”

Sions first SION device, the Sionic, launched in 2013.

The Sion was announced in 2013 with the release of the first Sion app for Android Wear, which was the first to support Bluetooth.

The company said the Sionics was sold out, and that the Sione was discontinued.

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