In the Pokemon world, you might have noticed that the Pokemon Center has become a popular place to meet friends.

You may also have noticed, or even heard, of its popularity.

If you are a Pokemon fan, you probably remember the game that inspired it all.

You also probably have a friend who has played Pokemon since childhood, so that has probably inspired you to make a Pokemon Center-themed wall.

It is a lot easier to make than building a real Pokemon Center, though.

In this article, I will walk you through how to make the perfect Pokemon Center in the simplest and most basic way possible.

You will need: A piece of cardboard that fits snugly into your wall. 

A paintbrush or a paint brush sponge.

Paintbrush or paintbrush sponge for the centerpieces. 

A large paintbrush, so you can make a large enough circle for your Pokemon Center.

A ruler or ruler pad for marking out the center of your circle. 

To begin, place your cardboard on the bottom of your wall and paint the cardboard.

Then, draw a line on the cardboard with the ruler.

Then place your paintbrush on top of that line.

This is where you are going to paint your center pieces.

You will also want to use a paintbrush to draw out your circles, but that will be a separate article.

The circle that you draw should look something like this.

Now paint your circle with your paint brush.

You can paint over any parts you want, but I like to start with the center pieces first. 

You can also paint the center piece as many times as you want.

For example, paint one piece of the circle as many time as you would like.

If it’s a long piece, then you may want to paint it a little longer, and paint it all the way through.

Once you paint your whole circle, you can move on to the next center piece.

Now that you have your entire center piece painted, it’s time to paint a second circle.

You need to paint the next two center pieces as many more times as possible.

If the center you painted was too small to fit inside the circle, then go back and paint again.

If your center piece is too large, then paint it even bigger.

Once all the center areas are painted, you have the final circle.

To paint the circle you just made, go over the entire circle and paint one circle at a time.

After you have painted your entire circle, paint the last circle.

After the last painting, you should now have the Pokemon center in the center.

Now you have a Pokemon center!

This is what it looks like!

Now you can start making the base for your pokemon center!

Next up, we will look at how to decorate your Pokemon center with different decorations. 

I will be covering the best ways to decorating your Pokemon Centers and I will also talk about how to add a Pokemon Gym.

Happy crafting!

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