In an update to its popular free-to-play Minecraft game, Mojang has added more customization tools to allow users to customize their build.

The new Minecraft Update adds more customization options to the game.

Mojang says you can add blocks to a building, make a building out of the same block as the player’s character, and more.

The update adds the ability to specify blocks to add to a build.

Mojangs developer, Markus Persson, says that this can allow for more unique and custom builds than if the player added the block they wanted to the building.

Persson also says that the new customizations can be easily turned off, but users can still modify their build by adding more blocks.

The developer says the customization features are only available in the game client, and Mojang will be looking to add more options to its client over the coming weeks.

The updated version of the game, released last month, adds several new customization features.

Mojumbs developer, Matt Firor, says Mojang’s developers have been working on the update since late November, and the update is available now.

You can learn more about Mojangs update here: Mojang update, Minecraft update, Mojumbers update, and update Mojang, a video game developer, is working to make Minecraft even more fun for players by adding new customizability features.

The game has always been one of the most popular and most popular games on the internet, but it is getting a new update this year to bring more customization features and more customization to Minecraft.

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