Honda Motor Co. unveiled its first-gen sportscar, the Y1, and it is a car that the company believes is both aerodynamically and aero-centric.

It is an engine-less, rear-drive, turbocharged, front-wheel-drive design that Honda says will appeal to the masses and be a “truly sporty car” that can handle the rough-and-tumble track conditions of the world’s fastest racetracks.

“There’s not a lot of competition, and I think the first-class class is a very strong place to be, so we’re just trying to create a new class for ourselves,” said Yusuke Fukuhara, vice president of global motorsports at Honda.

“We’re also focusing on performance and efficiency, so there’s no less focus on that area than you can get in a first- class car.”

Honda is looking to compete with the likes of BMW, Ford, Porsche, Toyota and even Jaguar Land Rover in terms of the number of cars produced by the Japanese automaker.

The Y1 is an aerodynamic sports car that is a step closer to achieving the company’s ultimate goal of making cars that “feel like cars,” said Fukuharara.

As for the price, the car is expected to start at about $90,000, but that is expected increase in price as the model matures.

It is the first new-generation sports car Honda has produced in more than a decade.

The first- gen Y1 was developed under the direction of the company�s former chairman Hideaki Yamanaka, who has now been replaced by Fukuharo.

The company�ll be building two- and three-seat versions of the Y2, Y3 and Y4, all of which are expected to begin production this fall, with the Y5, which is due to enter production later this year, to be an option.

Hockey-specific features include a carbon fiber body and an aggressive carbon fiber rear wing, as well as carbon fiber taillights and a carbon monocoque roof.

The Y1’s engine will be an all-new, high-revving 1.6-liter, six-cylinder engine that features a new turbocharger and twin-scroll turbochargers, and Honda says it will also use a larger, sixth-gen turbochargor to deliver more power.

An electric powertrain will also be included in the Y series, which the company says is more efficient than its predecessor�s hybrid powertrain.

Aero-minded features include Honda�s new lightweight composite bodywork that is designed to blend in with the car�s overall shape and design.

For a sportscar that will be the first of its kind, the Honda Y1 will be built with the goal of getting people off the ground, Fukuhari said.

Its unique styling and styling will also appeal to those who want something a little different.

When the car arrives at dealerships in the fall, the price will likely be around $85,000.

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