By James Foy | 08 April 2018 02:31:58A Detroit church was shut down Thursday night after a woman who had been inside the building was found dead in the basement.

Police have not yet determined whether the woman died of a heart attack or suicide.

A church volunteer, who asked not to be named, said the building is owned by the Detroit Archdiocese.

She said the woman’s husband, who lives in nearby Woodland Hills, took over the building and that he was supposed to take over the church in January.

But she said she never saw any sign of the woman in the building.

The man has not been charged.

She said the family has been trying to get information about the building for more than two weeks, and was planning to visit the building to try to figure out how to get inside.

The church has been closed since July.

Church leaders in Detroit say there have been some complaints about the smell of smoke inside the church.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocesan said they are not aware of any complaints.

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