How to Build a Soraki build guide The Build article The Soraka Build Guide for SMITE 2 article Soraka is a Sorath-inspired character that is designed to be versatile and hard-hitting, with a build that can also be played in a passive fashion.

Soraka has been designed as a tanky character that can sustain damage with her shield, as well as providing some mobility for her team with her ability to dash in and out of combat.

However, Soraka can be a very mobile character, as her abilities and abilities will always be available for use, even if they are out of her kit.

This guide will focus on Soraka, as she is one of the more popular and widely-used Sorath builds.

This build will focus specifically on Soras damage output and damage output, and will also have a look at the other options available to the character.

This guide will also include a look into the build’s mechanics, as it is designed for Soras role as a hard-carry.SORAKA’S MECHANICSS shield absorbs up to 100% of incoming damage, and is a strong shield for tanky Soras that are often paired with a strong attack speed.

This shield provides both an immediate defensive boost, as you are able to block incoming damage as well, as the shield is effective at blocking incoming damage for a short period of time.

You can also use this shield to negate incoming damage from your enemies, as its damage reduction will provide an immediate advantage over a single-target damage mitigation.

Sorcas shields are also a strong offensive shield, and should be used in conjunction with your offensive spells, as they can provide great damage to your foes.

The shield will also prevent incoming damage that deals damage over time, as Soraka will block all incoming damage while her shield is active.

The build is designed as being balanced in a way that can be played passively or in a combination of passive and active.

While the passive portion of the build focuses on the defensive aspect of the character, Soras active abilities and passive abilities will also be used to help protect the Soraka.

In addition to the passive abilities, Sorath also has a variety of defensive abilities.

The defensive abilities, while not particularly strong, are effective at stopping incoming damage and will generally be used alongside Soraka’s offensive abilities to give the build some additional protection.

The offensive abilities are the most important abilities of the Soraki, as those abilities will help deal with enemies that have a high base damage or that have high base resistances, and can also serve as some form of defensive support.

This build will also focus on the different abilities available to Soraka: passive abilities and offensive abilities.

Passive abilities can be used while Soraka stays in combat, and passive ability’s can be applied to your character while Sorak is on the field.

The passive abilities that Soraka has are defensive, and provide additional damage mitigation, which is good to have when facing a large burst of damage.

The passive abilities are also good for teamfighting and can help you protect Soraka from enemy attacks.

The offensive abilities available in the build are offensive in nature, and are primarily defensive.

The ability to deal damage to an enemy, as long as it has a damage overtime effect.

These are used to block or disable incoming attacks or damage, respectively.

The defensive abilities available on Sorakas build are offensively oriented.

This means that they are designed to deal with an enemy’s primary source of damage, the enemy’s damage mitigation and damage reduction.

Offensive abilities are intended to help your team deal with the damage that comes your way, while the defensive abilities are used as a form of mitigation.

This is a build guide for Soraka builds, and it will take you through the build, and the different components that make up this build, in an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to build your own Soraka character.

In the video above, you can see Soraka using her shield to deflect incoming damage.

This passive ability will also provide some damage mitigation while the shield’s active is active, as there is a small delay before the shield will absorb the damage.

This passive ability is good for the teamfights where you want to make your enemy think twice before they use the ability.

The ability to absorb damage while the active is in effect is useful for teamfights, where you might not want to be hit by a big burst of incoming burst damage, or where you would like to have a relatively large shield that you can take advantage of when you are hit by the enemy.

The shield absorbs the damage dealt to the target, and reduces damage taken by 50%.

This shield has a short cooldown after it is cast, and cannot be dispelled.

Sora’s defensive abilities can also help prevent incoming projectiles.

Soro’s offensive offensive abilities can help mitigate incoming damage dealt by enemies, or can also aid in

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