The Verge article by Zoe Landers, CTO of app startup ZOE Build, explains how to setup your first docker image.

Read moreThe Verge article shows how to install Docker on the machine in the screenshot above.

ZOE builds the images from source code to make sure they’re compatible with the platform you’re running.

It then provides a simple docker command to run a Docker image to deploy your app.

Here’s how you do it:1.

First, grab the source code from GitHub and open it in the terminal.2.


For each line, add the path to the source file you want to deploy.

For example, to install the source of the image named zoe_build:docker run –rm -it zoe/build:/home/zoe/src/zope/build/$docker_image_path:/home/_zoe_Build:/zope_build.docker3.

Next, type:4.

For every line, check if the path is correct.

For instance, if the source is zope/src:docker build:zooe_make:ZOE_BUILD:/home/.zope:/zoe:build:/source:/home:zope:build:zoose_build:/usr/local:source5.

Now you can run zope_make to deploy the image.6.

Now, type docker build:zoe to deploy it.

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