ezreality is a software that makes it possible for users to customize their smartphone cameras to perform a wide variety of functions.

It’s a bit like a third-party camera app for iPhones and Android devices.

The goal is to enable the owners of smartphones to capture better images in the field.

ezvirtual.com Ezreal is the software that helps owners of iPhones and other Android phones take photos of things like flowers and people.

The software uses the camera’s optical sensor to scan a photo and determine what the user is looking at, as well as the location of objects.

When a photo is taken, the software calculates a digital zoom level that helps to improve the quality of the image.

Users can adjust the zoom level on the fly, depending on the type of shot they want to take.

To take a photo, users simply tap the “Zoom” button.

A few settings allow users to set the zoom in different ways.

Escape mode, for example, allows the user to take the photo with their eyes closed, so they cannot see the subject.

As the name suggests, the “zoom” option lets the user zoom in on a small portion of the photo.

For better results, users can also adjust the shutter speed to make it easier to focus on an object.

Once the user zooms in, the camera automatically adjusts the ISO to get the best results.

Another feature called “depth of field” allows the camera to take a wider variety of images depending on which subject is in focus.

One user named Eric made it a point to take photos using both a phone and a Mac computer, to see what he could get from the software.

Eric, who is in his 40s, said he was using his Mac computer with the software to take photographs of flowers in a field.

He said the software helped him get better results than the standard iPhone software, which he said was limited in how far he could see.

“You can zoom into the flowers and get a really good shot of the flowers,” he said.

After the images were taken, Eric said the images he got from the iPhone software were grainy and blurred.

On his Mac, he used the “depth” option to set it to a much higher zoom level.

Even though the iPhone did not have the best performance, he said it was still a good choice for taking photos in the fields.

I don’t think there’s a real reason to go out and buy a smartphone or any other camera, Eric told WIRED.

It just seems to be the only way that the users have been able to take better pictures in the last few years.

 I think the whole point of having a smartphone is to take pictures of things.

We can take a lot more photos now, but it’s still a limitation that we can’t use it for every day things, like weddings or anything.

But the way that I use ez, it’s very similar to a computer.

It makes it easy to take lots of photos.

Since the iPhone 4s came out, the technology has been improved.

Now, users have the ability to take photo and video at their own pace.

And since the iPhone camera is much smaller, the app allows users to take more photos at once.

So you can take pictures while your phone is in your pocket, or you can use the iPhone Camera app to take those images while you’re walking around.

If you want to customize the app to help you take more beautiful photos, you can do so by opening the settings menu.

By doing so, you will be able to select the settings you want in the menu.

The settings menu includes options to crop the photos, adjust the white balance, adjust contrast and even add effects like motion blur.

Other features that come with the app include:The camera can also take photos with up to 10 frames per second, which can make it more convenient to take still photos or take still images when you’re moving.

This makes the photos look sharper, even when you are standing still, Eric explained.

Because the app is free to use, it is able to keep user data secure.

Although the software is available for free, some users are reporting problems with the system, including one person who reported he couldn’t take photos while driving because the software crashed.

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