With the season opener coming up and the Heat struggling to get back on track, it’s no surprise the team is in need of a win to clinch a playoff berth.

The Heat, however, are taking a look at how to go about winning the series and keeping it.1.

Know the Heat’s styleThe Heat are known for being aggressive and controlling the pace of the game.

The offense is very well structured and plays off of the defensive end of the floor, which can cause a lot of problems for opponents.

This means that Miami can often find themselves in a position where they need to take the ball out of the opponent’s hands and create their own shots, as well as force turnovers.

However, this strategy is usually countered by teams with smaller ballhandlers.

This can cause them to play aggressive, which puts pressure on the defensive team and puts them in a disadvantage.2.

Use the pick and rollIn the pick-and-roll, the defense sets up in the lane.

If the ball is in the opponent the defense has two options: either pick up the ball, or get the ball to a player who has the ability to defend the pick.

If a defense is set up with multiple options, the offense will most likely get the opportunity to pick up their own pick, or at least be able to get the opponent to switch to them.

This is because of the importance of getting the ball in the hands of the pick, and getting a player open to create scoring opportunities.

This is because it is very hard to get open for a pick and pass in the post with players like Mario Chalmers or Mario Chalandres.

The best players in the NBA, in terms of the number of possessions they have to score, can get the most open looks.3.

Get out in transitionWhen the defense gets the ball into the pick lane, it should be at a point where it can either switch to the other team or create scoring chances.

This will often lead to the offense having the ball on their own end and making the pick or a turnover.

This also creates space for the defense to set up their defense in the middle, as the other side of the court will be left wide open.4.

Get the ball through the postIf you are playing against a team who uses a fast-break offense, the post is a very good spot to score.

The post gives a team the freedom to run plays and create opportunities.

The spacing between the two wings and between the wings allows the offense to set the screen.5.

Don’t let the defense overreact to youThe Heat have one of the best defensive teams in the league.

The team is known for having the best post defense in basketball, and it is because they are able to defend it so well.

The teams biggest weakness, especially with this year’s team, is that they are so quick on defense.

They need to play fast and make their shots on the move.

When this is not the case, teams are going to find a way to slow down their offense and make a run at the ball.6.

Make sure you have your team’s best player on the floorWhen the game gets to the end of regulation, it is important for the team to have their best player in the game ready.

This player needs to score points, and if they are unable to score then the team has no other option but to give up.

If you are struggling to score against a fast and physical team like the Heat, then you have a huge chance of being defeated.

In order to get their best players into the game, it makes sense to have them on the bench, so they can help out with the other defensive duties.

If they are not in the lineup, then the best players on the court need to come in.7.

Don’T give up on a late-game shotThe late-season slump can be an opportunity for teams to score and put points on the board, but when the game is close, the best way to win is to find ways to win in the fourth quarter.

Teams like the Clippers, Heat, and Pacers have shown this year that they can be competitive when the fourth-quarter drought is over.8.

Know how to defend Miami’s top playersThe Heat had a good year last year with LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside, and Goran Dubas being in the starting lineup.

They did not lose any players to free agency, but they were missing some players who were key to their success in the last year.

Miami needed to replace some of those key players and had some interesting choices on the roster.

They have had to rely on the veterans, especially Bosh, who will be starting for Miami next season.

The additions of Hassan Whitesides, Dragic and Dubas are all key players for Miami’s team in the future.9.

Make plays at the rimIf the Heat are going down, the next most important thing they should do is

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