This is a guide to building a football field using tiles, from the basics of drawing and laying out a building plan to the finishing touches.

1:20 How to build a football park using tilesHow to build an outdoor football field in AustraliaWhat you’ll need to get started 1:15 How to make a football pitchHow to make an indoor football fieldHow to create a soccer pitchWhat to expect on your fieldHow the grass growsHow the water goesHow grass grows on a footballfieldHow to trim grassHow to grow cropsHow to harvest cropsHow much rain will fallHow much water will be availableHow to prepare a fieldWhat to bring to a gameWhat to do when the rain stopsWhat to pack on the fieldWhat the field looks like when the weather turnsHow the turf growsHow to draw your own football pitchThe secret to growing grassHow much grass to plantWhat you need to know to make your own grassHow long to grow itHow to plant itWhat you can do when you lose the gameHow to set up a pitchHow much turf to plantHow to store the turfHow much to charge to use itWhat to use the turf forHow to clean the turfThe basics of playing football on grassHow the field worksThe basic rules for field useHow to play football with grassHow grass is harvestedHow to fertilise the turfWhen the weather is goodHow the pitch gets wetWhat happens when the grass is dryHow to care for your turfHow to cut grassHow you plant a fieldThe key to a good grassHow do you know if it’s goodHow to apply the grassHow many players can play on grassWhat you should know to watch out for when it rainsWhat to keep in mind about field conditionsThe difference between turf and grassHow often to water a fieldHow long it takes to grow grassHow fast grass growsWhere to buy grassgrass and turfHow grass can grow on a fieldIf you want to see a game on grass, click here.

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