A new construction boom is underway at the capacious building at the Capitol building, the largest building in the nation.

The capital city’s first new skyscraper, the Talon, has been completed, the Department of Energy says.

The Talon has been named the nation’s top builder of large, complex buildings.

The Talon’s construction has been delayed in the wake of a federal investigation that has found state regulators overstepped their authority to regulate construction and maintenance work, including the handling of asbestos.

The investigation was led by the New Jersey State Inspector General.

The building, which is being built by New Jersey’s largest construction company, Talon Construction, is expected to open in 2019.

A second tower is slated for 2020.

The new Talon building is expected for the capricious, unpredictable and expensive task of providing the Capitol with its first new, large, multi-story, high-rise building in at least 50 years, says Robert K. Glynn, the chief executive officer of Talon.

The city of Trenton has spent millions of dollars on its building and has put up about $1.3 billion of the $2 billion the federal government wants to buy the building.

It is expected that the capital city will receive the majority of the money, with about $200 million in federal aid and $30 million in state aid.

The federal government has a responsibility to protect the environment and the health of its citizens, but the Talons construction and renovation of the Capitol is one of the first in the country, said John R. Meehan, the city’s commissioner of buildings and urban development.

In Trenton, there are only a few options for large, complicated buildings, Meegan said.

The city has opted for the Talony, which has been built with an estimated cost of $2.2 billion.

The project is in the works and will be completed by 2033.

The Capitol, which was originally built as a public park in the 1950s, is now home to about 50,000 people, and has been an important political and cultural center since 1788.

Talon Construction and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection officials have said the Talonies construction is being led by New York-based Talon Associates, a major contractor.

Talon also has a contract to build a new, $3 billion Capitol, with the state.

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