Metal Buildings are now illegal to build, but that’s not stopping the builders of the structures from doing it.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Bureau of Buildings and Fire Protection issued a memo to the building owners stating that it would be illegal for any building to be built that was not approved as a Metal Building or Storage Building by the city’s building department.

The memo also stated that a Metal building or Storage building is only approved for use as a storage building if the building owner and all of its occupants are also eligible for the city-approved Housing Maintenance Assistance Program (HMAP) Housing Improvement Fund, which would also provide income support for the tenants and owners of the building.

The department also states that it will not grant permits for buildings to be constructed in such a way as to violate Section 107 of the Metropolitan Code, which states that the Metropolitan Planning Organization must ensure that all buildings and structures have a reasonable height, a reasonable width, a good drainage system, adequate lighting, and a safe structure.

The bureau has also added that building owners should “avoid creating structures or structures with a roof-like design that are likely to result in fire hazards.”

The memo further states that a building that is eligible for HMAP and has not been approved for a Metal or Storage structure may be eligible for a Building Improvement Program grant of up to $10,000 from the Metropolitan Housing Authority for a total of $40,000.

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