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Title: /r/​all has now been banned by reddit for violating community guidelines article /u/totallynasty has the following comments: [quote]It is sad, but I feel like it is time for /r\[all] to stop saying the same thing as everyone else.

We arent the only people who dont understand what the hell this is about.

I dont get why you guys are still calling us all haters when weve been fighting for months over what it is you all think were doing, and even now when werent getting what we wanted, it doesnt matter because we still dont have the power to stop us.

And thats why I dont understand why we dont get a voice in the discussions, because its like everyone is just a little bit biased.

Its just a fucking joke.

This isnt how you talk to your friends or even your family.

And you cant be the one making the jokes.

Its your job to be a grown man and to actually listen.

And its not the first time that weve had this problem.

It wont be the last.

And for the record, i think you guys need to get over yourselves and start being normal people again.

Youre being too sensitive.

We dont want to be called a hate group anymore, its a joke.

Its a joke that we made up.

It doesnt even matter that we dont like you.

You’rent all hatemongers and you dont like us.

Im not a big fan of your bullshit.

We don’t need your attention and your hate.

It isnt our problem, it is yours.

I think its time for you to start acting like a normal person again.

Im tired of your hate, and thats why Im tired.

Im glad youre getting over it, and Im glad your friends dont have to deal with your shit anymore.

Im gonna do the same for you.

But I dont want you to be alone.

Im sure there are others who feel the same way.

You can find me on reddit, or at a subreddit I moderate called /r/(all) for more information.

And we all have a responsibility to do something about this.

We can do this by being nicer and more kind.

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