“Garen” (pronounced “goah”) is a German-American writer who recently left NPR to start his own podcast, the Garencast.

His latest podcast, Garen’s War, features interviews with some of the most notable names in the field of combat journalism.

In this week’s episode, Garena, Gaijin and Soraka discuss how Garen got started in podcasting, his plans for Garen.

They also talk about Garen and his relationship with the game StarCraft.

You can listen to the podcast at iTunes.

Garena: Garen, I’m really excited to be talking to you.

You’re the first person who I’ve ever met who really wants to make a podcast, and I’ve never seen anybody do that.

I’ve seen the success of other podcasts like The Great Escape or The Podcasting Guys, and this is definitely one of the first ones I’ve heard about, and the first time I’ve listened to it.

Garen: That’s amazing.

I just love the fact that I’m the first one to do something.

Gare, I just wanna thank you for doing this.

I mean, I think it’s a huge step for us to have a podcast.

And it’s really nice to hear from other people, because I’m not a fan of talking to other people.

I want to talk to other podcasts.

It’s really cool.

Gai, you are really a great host, and you’re really passionate about making a podcast like this.

G, thank you so much.

I appreciate it.

And then finally, Soraka: Thanks so much for the podcast.

I love you for it, too.

And thank you very much for your time, G.

Garen, you just totally nailed it.

I’m very excited to see what you’re doing in the future.

Thanks for listening to the Gare podcast, you’re so cool.

And I’m glad to be part of your journey.

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