In today’s edition of Medical News Tomorrow, we take a look at how to design and build your own Legos.

First of all, you’ll need to have a Legos set to get started.

There are three different types of Legos: Brick, Brickland, and Legos for Kids.

Lego for Kids is a cheaper version of the Brick version and comes in three colours: Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Lego Builders is a more expensive version of Lego for kids.

You’ll need a brick of the same colour for the Lego Buildners version.

The basic Lego set is designed to fit around a child’s hands.

The Lego build set is for adults, with a more intricate set of parts that allows you to build a more complex model.

To build your first Lego, you will need to pick up a set of the following parts: a Lego Building Machine, a Building Set, and a Building Kit.

The Lego Build Set is a set designed to be placed into a brick to build your Lego.

The bricks in the building set are usually white, blue, green, or yellow, and you’ll use the plastic parts to hold the bricks in place.

The building kit will include all of the components needed to build the model.

Building your first Legos projectYou can build a Lego for adults by picking up the Lego Building Set.

The set includes everything you need to build and assemble your model, including the Lego building machine.

The machine requires 4mm (1/8 inch) diameter pieces.

To assemble your Lego model, simply lift the machine up onto a stand, attach the pieces to the bricks, and turn it on.

To assemble your Legos model, follow the instructions on the box.

Once assembled, turn the Lego to “Open” mode, and put your model on top of the Lego model.

You should now see the top of your model turn into the top part of your Lego figure.

This is how your model looks when it’s fully assembled.

To build a different Lego, choose “Open Mode” and choose a different colour for your Lego build model.

Make sure the blue part is attached to the yellow part and that the yellow parts are attached to all three parts.

Then, turn it to “Close” mode and place the model back into the box and press “Start” to start the build.

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