A commercial building is coming to Milan.

According to reports, Pantheon will soon build a new commercial building, on the site of a former shopping centre, to serve as a headquarters for its new brand.

Pantheon has already set up an office and a shopping mall, but its latest development will bring the company’s reach to a whole new audience.

The new building, to be built in the center of the city, will serve as the Pantheon HQ.

The office building will be a hub for the brand’s merchandising activities.

Panthes latest project in Milan, a former mall, will be used for the new building.

It will feature an outdoor terrace, outdoor terraces, outdoor cafe and the Pantheons brand logo, which will be displayed on the building’s facade.

Pantheons main commercial activity is now its online store, Pantheon.it.

The online store currently serves around 250,000 items and is based on Pantheon’s flagship website, which features all of Pantheons latest merchandise and events.

The company has been expanding its product range, which has been steadily growing since it launched its online shop in 2013.

Its main focus is in its sports and entertainment offerings, with the brand currently selling over 30,000 products.

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