The Washington, DC area’s skyline has seen a significant transformation in recent years, with some of the city’s tallest buildings undergoing significant upgrades.

One of the most notable recent additions was the Mueller Building, a 19th century colonial-era structure that was once the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

It was one of the nation’s oldest buildings, built in 1868, and is still standing.

A recent report by CNN points to the Mueller building as one of four buildings in the District of Columbia with “severe structural damage,” which is defined as a structural element that requires significant repairs.

A Washington state report also highlighted the need for structural changes in the building, noting that its interior was riddled with holes, cracks and “abnormalities.”

The report was written by the Washington State Department of Buildings, and has yet to be approved by the state’s legislature.

The report also noted that the building had suffered a “high level of water infiltration.”

According to the report, water infiltration caused structural damage that included “seismic instability, excessive vibration, and a lack of adequate insulation.”

Another report by the Federal Building Inspector’s Office also highlighted structural issues, including water infiltration, that occurred during construction.

The federal building inspector’s office did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

In an email, the building’s owner, the D.C. Department of Building and Safety, said the company “would like to reiterate that all of the structural defects reported in the report are within our control.”

The D.E.B.S. did not specify whether the problems it identified in the Mueller report are “severe” or not.

The building is the tallest building in the D and its owner has said it will remain the tallest, but it is being renovated, according to the DDA.

The city has already done extensive renovations to other historic buildings in downtown Washington, including the historic U.

S Capitol Building and the historic World War II memorial.

The Mueller Building is one of three buildings in D.D.C., which was the first city in the nation to create a Historic District designation in 2008.

This designation, which allows buildings to be re-evaluated to determine if they meet the city definition, is still in place, and it is a key part of the DDC’s efforts to create more sustainable housing options for residents of the District.

CNN’s report cites two of the three historic buildings that were renovated in the past year, and says that the Mueller renovation is “the first in more than five years.”

The other two historic buildings were renovated between 2015 and 2017, but the renovations in 2018 are the first since they were renovated during the 2020 presidential election, CNN reported.

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