By Chris KosterUpdated February 14, 2018 10:59:30It’s going to be a building for the community.

And I’m sure that this is going to have a great impact on the community,” said Atma Narsingh, a member of the Alamosa-Nashville Neighborhood Association (ANNA) board.

The building, at 1835 Alamosa Rd., is going up on the Alamos and has been vacant for nearly five years.

It’s part of the group’s ongoing effort to save the Alamosal Ridge property.

The Alamosa property is owned by the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, which owns the rest of Alamosa Hill.

Narsingham and other community members have been working with the city to come up with a solution to save that property.

This is the first building built on the property, Narsingsh said.

The group will be holding a community meeting at the Alamosphere on February 17 to hear from anyone who is interested in building on the site.”

We really feel like we’ve got a lot of support here.

We have a lot people that are really interested in doing it,” Narshingh said of the building.NARSINGH is one of about 100 people who have signed up to attend the meeting, which takes place at noon on February 16.

The meeting is open to the public.

If you would like to participate, contact Narseningh at (615) 596-2323.

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