A build-a-house project in Japan involves buying spare parts, assembling a building from them, and then selling the finished product at a price that is cheaper than if it were a full-fledged home.

It’s not a new concept; there have been a number of successful crowdfunding projects that have been built with spare parts.

But the build-your-own-sheds-for-home project, in Japan, has captured the imagination of more than 100,000 people and attracted thousands of new participants.

The idea is simple: the builder builds the shed in a garage, then uses some of the spare parts to build the building.

The builder then sells the finished building for a higher price than if the whole thing were built from the parts.

In the UK, a similar project, Build Your Own Sheds for Home, has also attracted interest from developers, who are building a house that can be shared.

The scheme was launched last year by the website Build Your Home, but has since been pulled offline.

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