Posted October 05, 2019 05:03:07 Rodrick Morton and his wife, Linda, opened their first U.S. restaurant in 2005.

The couple opened their second in 2016 and have built a reputation for catering to high-end clients.

They’re now planning to build a 20,00-seat stadium on the site of the former Morton Sports and Outdoors facility on Phoenix’s outskirts.

They’ve built out a large open-air patio and built an indoor pool, but they want to add a full-size gymnasium.

They have hired a sports and fitness expert, but the company is in talks to move forward with plans to open a second venue.

The Mortons have been open about their plans to build an indoor sports complex and a new outdoor venue, but some have expressed concerns about the project.

Rodrick Mortons construction manager told the Arizona Republic he’s hoping the community will help support the project, which would include a new gymnasia, an indoor facility, a water park and a rooftop pool.

Morton’s latest stadium will be on the outskirts of Phoenix, but it’s unclear when it will open.

The restaurant and sports complex will be a major draw for fans who want to see their favorite teams play, including the NFL, NBA and MLB.

The team also plans to use the property for parking, but Mortons has been tight-lipped about plans to lease it to other sports organizations.

The stadium would be the first for the Mortons, and it would mark their first major investment in a city.

The Mortons opened the first U-Haul restaurant in the U.P. in 2006, but moved into a restaurant in their new home.

It’s unclear how many other restaurants the family plans to create in Phoenix.

Phoenix’s city council approved the Morton site plan last year.

It’s unclear if the city will be able to secure financing for the stadium and the outdoor facility.

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