With its vast expanses of green spaces and parks, New York City is one of the most livable places in the world.

But for many Israelis, it also offers the opportunity to build their own, much smaller version of the city.

The story behind the video goes something like this: A young couple, Shai and Shira, are trying to start a family.

In order to do this, they need to build an entire city.

Shai is passionate about building and has always dreamed of building a city, but he doesn’t have the resources to do it.

The young couple then look to Shira for advice.

Shira, who is also a software engineer, offers Shai the help of an experienced city architect, who provides him with a detailed roadmap for the building of his dream city.

While Shai’s ideas are different, the overall goal of the video is the same: Build a city that is smaller and more affordable.

The video, titled “Building a city on your head,” has garnered over 30 million views on YouTube.

A few months ago, the couple visited Israel for the first time, and after a few days spent in the country, they decided to build the city for themselves.

The couple, who are currently in their early twenties, are working on building a new city, one that will be much smaller than New York’s.

Shaik Shai, 20, and Shai Shira Shaviv, 24.

The couple, working on a new project for their dreams.

Shaviv is originally from Jerusalem, but lives in New York and recently returned to the city to work at the City Hall in New Jersey.

He started his project with a simple goal: to build his dream new city on his head.

In the video, Shavaviv shows how to use the FreeCode program to create his vision.

He first builds the city in the digital sketchbook format, then, using FreeCode, creates his city.

“The idea was to build something that I could see in my head, that I can be proud of,” Shavev said.

“It’s a city where you can walk, go shopping, shop for clothes and go to the beach.

It’s a lot of things that I think I could have built in my life.”

The two decided to use a 3D printer, which uses 3D printing technology to print large and detailed models of buildings.

The printer then sends them off to the printer’s maker in Israel for their building to be built.

The first prototype was constructed out of 1,000 cubic meters of polystyrene.

The second prototype, which is being built with a 3-D printer in the U.S., was constructed from 2,500 cubic meters, or about one and a half football fields.

The final model is expected to be nearly 10,000 square meters.

The Shavives have built a new version of their dream city in a matter of days, and it’s expected to take another year or two for it to be ready.

For Shaviev, it was the perfect way to start his new life, and he’s thankful for the support he’s received from the community, which has helped him grow.

“I think it’s important to do something for others,” Shai said.

Shava Avi, 22, is the founder of a New York-based nonprofit, Bailiwick Project, which provides a grant-making system for young Israeli architects who want to build small cities.

He said that in order to get the idea of building cities out of his head, he had to build some of his own buildings first.

“We had to learn to program the 3D model, and then we had to understand how to build them,” Avi said.

Bailiwook Project also provides technical support for the construction of the small cities, and is planning to expand to offer a platform for other young architects.

The organization’s mission is to provide an outlet for young people in the Israeli construction industry to work, learn and find work.

In order to give people a sense of ownership in their building, Avi also helps to create the infrastructure for the city, from which the residents can pay rent and access services.

“It’s not just about a building.

It is about a place, it is about the people who live there,” he said.

Avi said that he hopes the video can serve as a way to inspire people who may be thinking about building their own city, to take the leap.

“Maybe this will inspire people to try to build it, because we all want to be able to live our dreams,” he added.

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