EKKO built a total of 5,846 poles in Helsinki in the first year of the construction.

The company plans to relocate to a new city of Helsinki in 2021.

The company’s new site will house its headquarters, manufacturing facilities, and a parking lot.EKko will also start building out the new city as part of its plan to expand its manufacturing capacity in Finland.

The new site, which is expected to be completed in 2021, will house all of the company’s factories, as well as a parking facility for its fleet of vehicles.

Ekko will continue to build its facilities in the new town of Minsk, and will also relocate to its current site, Kaunas, as part the plan to make the move to the new Finnish city.

The Finnish company plans on opening its first production plant at the new site.

The building will house the production facilities, as the company works to modernize its operations.

The building will also be used for logistics services, which will include logistics support for the company in the coming years.

Ekwok also plans on hiring a new CEO and will start recruiting engineers and other professionals for the new facility.

The Finnish company hopes to expand to more than 100 employees in 2020.

The construction of the new factory is expected in 2020, and the company is already expanding its manufacturing operations to include the purchase of more land.

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