Bards, rock climbers and bards have become the most popular teams for Pokemon Go players around the world, and it has opened up new possibilities for them to build a team of their own.

Now, there are two teams available for PokemonGo players to play in: The Rock Bards are built with the goal of capturing as many wild Pokemon as possible, and are designed to be very fast and powerful.

The Rock Hunters are designed for the capture of a large number of Pokemon.

And the Pokemon Builders are for players who want to build the most powerful team possible.

Bards: Rock Bard Bards can only be captured by Bards.

They can only move at a speed of 8 speed and can only use their special move to capture a single Pokemon.

However, they can also capture many other types of Pokemon with their special attacks.

For example, they may capture a wild Zubat with its special attack and a wild Pikachu with its electric attack.

They are designed specifically for the Pokemon Go game and can be captured in either the Normal or Legendary versions.

The Bards also have some special abilities that allow them to capture other Pokemon, like the ability to heal, which allows them to get through tough battles.

Rock Hunters: The rock hunters are a fast team that can capture a large amount of Pokemon at once.

They only have two special attacks: the “Pierce” attack that is used by a Rock Hunter to destroy an enemy Pokemon, and the “Slash” attack, which is used to cut through obstacles.

Rock Hunter: The Bard can only capture a specific Pokemon at a time.

Bard: Bards have the ability of being able to capture up to four Pokemon at the same time.

In order to capture four Pokemon, a Bard must have a BARD.

Rock Bartard: The bard is the main member of the team.

The bards are usually made of wood, but they can be made of stone.

The stone bard has a special attack that can be used to destroy obstacles.

The team is designed to have a large team of Bards and Rock Hunters.

Rock Hunting: The huntress can use her special attack to destroy any obstacle on the field, or even to capture and train a new one.

The player must choose the type of obstacle they want to destroy.

In the case of the stone hunting bard, the stone is the type that makes the player vulnerable to the damage inflicted by the enemy.

If the player has captured enough Pokemon to build up a large squad, they will be able to use the stone to break up the enemy team and capture the opponent’s Pokemon.

Battling the Bards

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