The pykes built by the president of the United States of America are actually the same pyke that Donald Trump campaigned on, according to a report.

The Washington Post has published a story detailing the fact that the pyke was actually built by Trump’s team in the early 1990s as a result of an election-year project.

The article is based on a 2006 report by a federal agency that had investigated the project, and it notes that the president-elect has since praised it as the “largest ever” and “largest building” ever built by an American president.

“The pyke is the work of the pykes.

It’s a unique building in terms of scale and style,” the report reads.

“It’s a modern building with a modern look, which is a combination of the traditional and modern architecture.

There is a very distinct contrast to the traditional architecture.”

The pykes building is a replica of the original pyke Trump won in his 1996 election.

The pykes building is located at the former Trump Tower in New York City.

(Reuters)The report said the pykese construction team “remains the same team who built the original one.”

“It is believed the pykies were built in response to the President-elect’s campaign slogan, ‘Build that wall.’

The pykiess were built to be the largest and most beautiful building ever built in the United State,” it read.

Trump has praised the pykee building on social media as a model for future Trump-branded buildings.

“It’s the biggest and most spectacular building in New Yorkers history, and a great example of a Trump-designed building.

It is absolutely stunning,” Trump wrote on Twitter last year.

“I always want the pyker to be rebuilt.

I will not build a building like it.”

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