Build my life: I want a DIY apartment that’s designed to make my life more convenient and livable.

The building, located on a lot in Brooklyn, will house a studio, a one-bedroom apartment, and a loft, all of which will be open to the public and built from reclaimed materials.

The project is the brainchild of filmmaker Alex Riehl, who recently opened the studio, Sylas, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The idea for Sylas came when Riehls wife, Anna, and their two children, who live in New York City, saw an apartment they could rent for $1,000 a month on Craigslist, which they said was the most affordable.

They quickly realized that this was exactly the kind of building that they wanted.

The Sylas building, designed by artist Alex Rieshl, will serve as a studio for an upcoming documentary.

(Courtesy of Sylas)Riehl and his wife, Rachael, were inspired by a recent film on the Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Heights.

In the film, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Jason Reitzes spoke to people who lived in the neighborhood and shared their experiences.

“I wanted to create a place that would feel like you were living in Brooklyn,” Riehs told NBC News.

“I wanted something that would not feel like a studio.

I wanted it to feel like an apartment.”

Riehs building, which will house three studios, a loft and a one bedroom, will be a collaboration with filmmaker Alex Rytser, who has made several films that highlight the changing face of New York.

The Sylas Building, he said, will provide an opportunity for those filmmakers to share their work.

Riehles studio, which is set to open later this month, is a “sylas” building that is designed to provide a more functional living space.

It will be similar to a large studio apartment, with a shared living space and living area.

The space will be divided into three levels, with each level being about 5,000 square feet.

Each of the apartments will be designed to be shared and will have a common wall, door and kitchenette.

There will also be a kitchenette in the loft, where you can cook your meals.

The living room will have two full-sized windows, which Riehz says allow for natural light.

Riehr says that the Sylas will also have a full kitchen and pantry, and that it will have an area for laundry and laundry baskets.

The living room, which the studio will have, is where the filmmaker will film.

(Riehn and Riechas)There are also plans for a large living room.

The studio will also feature an open-plan living area, which, Riehm said, is one of the most important aspects of living in a Sylas.

The open-space, which allows for natural lighting, is meant to make the space more inviting and welcoming to the neighborhood.

There are plans for more space in the living room area, but the studio won’t have any space for cooking.

Richehl says that Sylas can only be made if people live in the building.

“We’re not just building apartments.

We’re building communities,” Richeh said.

“We’re building a place where people are willing to share, a place for people to gather, and to live together.”

Richehl has been working on Sylas for several years.

His studio is currently the subject of a documentary, Syas Houses, which he directed.

He also founded a Brooklyn-area arts group called Syas.

The group has partnered with the New York Film Critics Circle, and Richehs group recently completed a film that premiered at the New Museum of Modern Art.

(Syas also has an exhibit in the museum’s collection called Sylas: The Stories Behind the Houses.)

Riehr said that he and his team are working with architect and materials company Soma to ensure that the building is sustainable.

“The first thing we’ve got to do is have our own energy and have the energy coming from the city,” he said.

Riesh says that Soma is helping to make Sylas more sustainable, adding that he believes that the project is a win-win for both the city and the filmmakers.

“Soma is bringing in a ton of expertise in sustainable building design, so this will be very helpful,” he added.

“And hopefully we’ll be able to bring some new people in and they can help us to make a little bit more of an impact.”

Soma has partnered on a project with the city of New Orleans called the Syas Neighborhoods Initiative.

The project will focus on revitalizing the city’s neglected neighborhoods and will help bring back people who have moved out of them.

“If we can do this, we can help bring these people back,” Ries said.

“Hopefully we can

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