Volvo’s latest car, the V40, is the company’s latest high-end offering and is a true evolution of the V30.

It is powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine and the car is set to arrive in the US and Canada on the back of strong sales in the UK.

Volvo has already started producing cars in the United States and Europe, with the first car in Australia due for delivery in the next few months.

The V40 is powered entirely by the petrol engine, but its performance is boosted by Volvo’s all-new suspension system.

While the V90 has had a bit of a bump in performance over the last couple of years, the new V40 offers a new and more powerful engine that promises to improve the V60’s handling and driveability.

Volkswagen’s Jetta and Audi’s A4 are also being developed in this new direction.

We will know the true performance of the new Volvo by the end of the year, and expect the car to be on sale in the USA in mid-2017.

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